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What is a housing co-operative?

You might have heard of co-operative bookshops, or businesses, that are run for the benefit of their members above profit. A housing co-operative is a group of people who join together, in the spirit of collaboration and with a common vision, to provide and manage affordable housing for themselves. If you’d like to learn more about co-operative housing in Australia, Common Equity NSW has lots of great resources to explore.

CHOISES Co-operative was founded with the common vision of providing housing for Sydney’s young women. This is why we ask for applications only from potential members who are aged between 16 – 25. However, if you’re successful we want CHOISES to become a long term home for you, so our members are welcome to stay past this age bracket.

We are a relatively small co-operative of eight members, living in two buildings (one in Randwick, one in Coogee) so there is plenty of opportunity to get involved in the day to day management of the building. This includes a wide range of tasks such as attending monthly meetings, maintenance, finance, and community management.

Sound good? We would love to answer any questions you have about CHOISES.

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